Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I see another advert offering your service 'From 30 pounds' I am confused.

A. Offers like these are nothing new, they are there to get you to come forward and over shadow others deals. You will find your final bill much more than the advertised price.

Q. I need a new compressor, can your mobile chap come round and change this for me.

A. As we are mobile engineers we do not have workshop facilities in our vehicles. Such jobs can only be done by garages.

Q. Why do I have to pay a call out charge of �10.00 if my vehicle cannot be regassed.

A. We spend time and money coming to you as well as Nitrogen to pressure test your vehicle. If a fault is with your vehicle we cannot absorb such expenses.
Many motorists call us out just to obtain a second opinion for a fault they have been told about by another company.

Q. Just had my AC charged but it is not as cold as my mates car. Why?

A. How cold your aircon is after a fresh charge depends on the age of your compressor, the saturation level of your reciever Drier and how clean your condensor is.
Manufacturers require Reciever Driers to be changed every five years or at anytime the system has been opened for work. Most cars on the road have the same reciever driers since new.
Dont be fooled by comparing standard aircon with climate control. climate control cools slowly all round in a balanced manner while standard Aircon just blasts cold air into your face leaving your pasengers hot. This gives the illusion of a colder AC.

Q. What guarantee do you give me for your work?

A. When we complete a job, your system should be running to your satisfaction. If there is a failure of any component at a later stage, we cannot be held responsible for that unless the failure is due to negligence during the regas process. This principle will apply to any work done on your vehicle by a Garage.

Q. How do I know Brighton Autoair is the cheapest deal around?

Cheap deals are everywhere. What you need to ask is 'What is included in the price' Our price includes everything for a complete service. period!!

Q. I have seen R134a refrigerant filler cans complete with filling kit at a High Street store, Why do I need Brighton Autoair?

A. Some stores sells a 500g R134a refrigerant filling kit. this costs �39.95 and is called EZChill. Over 97 percent of cars on the road need more than 500g of refrigerant for a full charge. This means you need two of these kits at just under �80.00
What you will do is spend �80.00 and just add new gas to your existing contaminated gas and moisture. The result will be short lived.

Brighton Autoair will charge you just �60.00 and will remove your old refrigerant, Pressure test your system, remove moisture, add new compressor oil AND then add new refrigerant of the right amount. We also give you a system check report to keep.

The choice is yours!!

Brighton Autoair, The Strand, Brighton Marina, Brighton, Sussex,  United Kingdom
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