Service terms and conditions


Brighton Autoair is based in Brighton ,Sussex

We cover much of Sussex but towns more than 15 miles from Brighton will incur a travel charge of £10. Please confirm with us when booking if you are not sure about this charge.

We will also make a call out charge of £10 if your vehicle cannot be recharged due to a blown  component or a leak in the system. The charge covers our travel to you as well as process undertaken to determine the fault in your vehicle. For this charge of £10 we will provide you with a full report of the fault, like a blown compressor that will need to be changed before we can return to recharge the vehicle. We have had to introduce this charge due to the fact that some customers request our service to acquire a second opinion for a problem they have been advised of before by another garage.  If you are unfortunate enough to incur both these charges, we will wave the travel charge.

During our regas process, we will  run a diagnosis process which includes a pressure test  of your system. If it fails the pressure test we cannot regas your vehicle. The diagnosis will also show up any electrical faults or a fused component.  Should this happen we will advise you of what options are available to you. 

Brighton Autoair, The Strand, Brighton Marina, Brighton, Sussex,  United Kingdom
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